Upgrading from CentOS 6 to CentOS7? Here are some gotchas

CentOS 7 is out and if you’re like me, you’ve probably been working on yet another side project you want to bring online. In this short article I’m just writing down some gotchas I ran into when installing and configuring CentOS7 after having working with version 6 for some years.

Installing CentOS 7 via netinstall

I’m a fan of using the netinstall, which downloads the latest version of CentOS for you. All you need to do is download the netinstall ISO, hook it up to your Virtual Box drive and boot into the installer. <...

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What schools should do to improve web development education

What’s the first thing you think about when I tell you I’m a teacher?

Did any of these things just cross your mind: “vacation”, “more vacation”, “big pension” or “20-hour workweek”? I hate to disappoint you, the stereotype doesn’t apply to web development teachers. At least not to the ones who care.

I teach students in college HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP & MySQL, Node.js, Linux, ASP.NET and all things related to those fields. In my opinion, anyone who teaches HTML should also know a lot about SEO...

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Create a custom Drupal 7 authentication driver/provider in Laravel 4

Note: this is a quick and dirty write-up, I’ll check this article for spelling errors and the like when I have more time.

A project I’m currently working on has some non-standard requirements (which project doesn’t right). A Drupal 7 website exists and we’d like to re-use the existing and future users that will be managed in the Drupal installation. These users should be able to easily login to our Laravel application.

Since you arrived on this blog post, you are probably looking at a...

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5 reasons why great people will leave your company and how to keep them

The best web / mobile developers I know (let’s just call them developers from now on) are those who are passionate about their work. They will go above and beyond to deliver the best work possible.

Contrary to what many recruiters or managers may believe, these people are not primarily driven by money. Sure, everybody wants to get a fair salary, but the best people in the industry will be driven by other factors than a big fat pay check.

If you want to drive away great talent at your company, whether it’s in...

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A mechanic needs a garage, creative people need a Creativity Gym

July and August typically mean vacation for those of us working as educators. I teach about web development and Linux server management in a three year professional bachelor degree called Interactive Multimedia Design and for me, summer is typically not spent on school work.

This year though, I decided to spend as much time as possible in school. Not to teach, since I would probably be talking to an empty classroom anyway.

While school was closed for summer, me and two other highly motivated colleagues decided to spend time creating an inspirational work environment for...

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