What I can do for you

My web development students
Me — wearing the dev sweater :) — and my awesome students in class


I train young developers on a daily basis at Thomas More university college in Mechelen, Belgium.

I teach fulltime in the professional bachelor’s degree called Interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More university college in Mechelen, Belgium. We start out with a solid foundation of building responsive sites in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

After that, training continues by building secure web apps in PHP with MySQL and by using NodeJS with MongoDB as an alternative stack.

Together we learn about security best practices and how to set up deploy to the cloud and our own Linux servers. Laravel is our framework of choice when working with PHP. VueJS and ReactJS are frontend weapons of choice.

Feel free to get in touch if I can help train your team or if you are a student who's interested in learning about web development.

Proud of my students, every one of them. That includes this crazy bunch!


If you need help developing your next project, I might be able to help. Just reach out.

I’m passionate about building high quality web applications. I love both backend and frontend work and have a special interest in Laravel/PHP and NodeJS on the server side.

On the client side I love writing modern vanilla Javascript but often I take on ReactJS projects or (my personal favorite) VueJS. If it’s training you need, let me know and I might be able to create a custom video course for you. The last course I made for a Belgian agency was a NodeJS course, which you can try out here.

Below is my favourite stack to work with, but I'm pretty flexible and quick to adapt to other technologies as well.