Loo Me! App let's your find a public toilet in Antwerp

Joris Hens

Jan 15, 2013 · 1 min read

Hi! I'm GoodBytes. Web developer, teacher and souschef.

Thanks for dropping by! I think you might like my latest app MeetMonocle.com — it makes it super easy to ask your clients for web design feedback.

Yesterday I started a small experiment in preparation for a class I'm teaching about building simple web apps. Because I like to keep things stylish - you know me - I've created Loo Me!, a simple web app that will help you find a public toilet in Antwerp the day after visiting your not so favourite Indian restaurant or on any other day for that matter.

Used resources

If you're experimenting with something similar, here are a few of the resources I used to get the app up and running quickly. I hope they come in handy for some of you.

  1. Subtlepatterns for the background
  2. Sketch for mocking up the SVG logo
  3. Antwerp's Open Data for the data of course
  4. jQuery for the interaction
  5. http://placeit.breezi.com for the picture below

Loo Me! Antwerp

Since some of my friends thought it would be useful, I've put Loo Me! online at http://loome.goodbytes.be for anyone that would like to try it out or take a look at the underlying code.

Because it's nothing more than a basic web app, it will run in any (modern) browser that supports geolocation and has an active internet connection to work with. Let me know if you used the app, or euhm, don't ;)

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