Things I use: hardware, software and other tools

Published on Jan 17, 2020

Inspired by all the interesting pages over at Wes Bos' — here's some of the gear and tools I use daily.


  • Macbook pro — for teaching
  • AOC U2777PQU monitor — plugged in to my Macbook pro
  • iMac 27 inch — daily work
  • Evoluent verticalmouse 4 — great mouse, especially if you are prone to RSI
  • Devine PRO-USB1 USB microphone — for recording video courses
  • Twelve South hi-rise stand
  • Raspberry pi — device of choice for hacking and network intrusion
  • ECM Botticelli II — for ☕️




Security & Privacy




I love cooking and am currently wrapping up my chef degree in culinary school. However, I don't think you need expensive gear or knives to cook well. Here are a couple of things I do think are amazing.

  • Microplane zester
  • Gas burner —can be found for much less on Ali Express !
  • Green egg (fake one, just as good at the fraction of the cost)

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